Here I am again except this time it’s Thurs night and it’s the eve before our trip. If I could sum up how busy the week has been the one word I’d use is insane! Ever since the weekend it’s been none stop and my body doesn’t react very well to all the extra stress. I’m dealing with quiet a bit of extra pain at the moment but I know when I get on the plane tomorrow all that extra stress is going to fall off. Although I still have one big hurdle to get through and that’s all the travel. It’s going to be one very long day tomorrow and I only hope that I have a good pain day.

The last couple of days my symptoms have been a bit worse and I really need something to be done with my upper implant. The good news is that today I got the news that a date to see the surgeon has been booked. The week after we get home I’ll be going to see him and hopefully move to a surgery date after that. At least there is a little forward progress as I can’t keep going without something being done. Over the last couple of days I’ve been dealing with a constant dull headache and I haven’t been as sharp mentally as I know I can be. When things get like that I know the CRPS is trying to wage a war, so I know I have to push back twice as hard to win the fight.

Our trip to Hawaii couldn’t come at a better time, as I know my body and mind can use the distraction. I’me really hoping that I’ll be able to distract myself  taking in the world class scenery and better yet capturing a few world class photos along the way. The last time we were in Hawaii I wasn’t able to snorkel because without the use of my hand and foot I can’t swim. This time I’m going and my hope is that we’ll do something called snuba which is a combination of scuba diving and snorkelling. It is a perfect fit for someone with a disability and allows me to not have to miss out. I always look for ways that I can modify my holidays so that I can still have a good time and not have to sit on the sidelines all the time.

I get a feeling that this is going to be one of the best holidays yet and what makes it all the better is that I get some alone time with me wife. Living with CRPS can grind away at a relationship and cause a lot of extra stress. You have to take time out every so often to build each other up and take back what CRPS try’s to steal. So I’m looking forward to a lot of great laughs and quality moments together. Well it’s almost midnight and I have a long day ahead of airports and planes so I’d better get some rest. I’ll try to put up a post while I’m away along with a few photos. For the most part however my plans are to leave most of the technology behind. Talk to everyone soon!