Only a few more days and our family will be off on vacation! Can you tell that I’m excited? Not at all! My nervous system is demanding a little calm at the moment, and the fact that it’s going to get two weeks of it leaves me speechless.My pain levels as of late have been crazy and I really need to start taking care of myself. I was mentioning to my wife the other night that my body has reached it’s limit in trying to deal with our basement. The good news is that I can see the end in site which I didn’t think was possible at the beginning of summer. I have the last few contracter’s lined up to do the remaining work, and by the end of the month I hope to have my basement back.

There have been a lot of hard days this summer where I’ve felt frustration creeping in and at times it’s been hard to stay positive. In my brain I keep telling myself at times that I should be able to do the things I used to do. I don’t know if that feeling or thought process will ever go away, but the way that I deal with it is key. Over the last few years I’ve been able to work through the grieving process that one goes through and start moving forward with my life. I don’t care what anyone tells you but you have to work through the fustration and the anger to be able to move forward in a positive direction.

If you stay angry and mad at the world then your never going to get anywhere. You have to look at the reality of your particular situation and accept it for what it is. Nobody can really put a time on that either because for every person it’s going to be different.  Every individual is going to have different things to deal with and so you can’t put any type of a time frame on it. As I started working through all the changes that were happening in my life I slowly found that I could start moving direction focusing on the positive things I still have going for me. It was almost as if I had to shed my skin of the old to bring upon the new. I also had to ask God to ask for a lot of answers and insight into everything that’s been going on. I have to put full trust in the fact that God knows the plan for my life and why it’s taken this direction.

Ok! I had originally planned to post this before I left for vacation. Two days later and an 7hr day in a car and we are surrounded by a stunning setting. We just pulled into our first stop of Hungry Horse, Montana. Over the next five days we will be at a family camp with other churches from Canada and the U.S. It was a really long day but my girls did really well on the drive, and to end the day we heard and amazing message which I will share with you in another post. I feel as though I can finally decompress and that I can let all the stress go.

I’ve been pretty up and down this summer with my post but I know that I just need some time to recharge and get away from things. I need some time away to get a fresh perspective and most importantly to spend some time with the family. I will probably be putting up the odd post during our time away but things may be a little spotty until we get home around the middle of the month. Well it’s been a really long day so my bed is calling my name. See you soon!