Well hi everybody out there in blog land! Merry Christmas to all. In my last post I had mentioned that I was in some pretty bad pain however I didn’t realize just how bad that pain was! It was bad enough that it landed me in hospital for the week undergoing surgery a few short days before Christmas.

I was admitted on Tues not knowing what was wrong. All I know is that I was having the worst chest pains of my life and had to wake my wife at 3am to take me to the hospital. On Thursday they finally had me in for Gallbladder surgery and today I was discharged so I can be home for Christmas resting quietly with family as I get better. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting this Christmas but it is what it is. My family ( especially my wife) has been amazing as always and we will get through yet another challenge.

I’m feeling sore and beat up at the moment but well on my way to healing. It was good to get out of that hospital and there are a lot of stories I could tell about my stay. God bless my roommate but I’m not going to miss the spitting into his garbage can at all hours of the night! There’s nothing like being in your own bed to get well. We will head to the lake as planned and I will continue to get better out there.  My CRPS has decided to flare up as a result but that is to be expected. At the moment I’m really in the middle of riding out the storm so I’m just going to take this time to rest and get things back on track. I hope you all have a great Christmas with your families and I’ll talk to everyone soon.