Another day and it’s time for another post! Today I went to visit the neurosurgeon for a follow-up appointment to the procedure that I had done a few weeks ago. It’s only been a couple of weeks since the procedure, and I’m already starting to get pain back at the incision site where my battery is located. The decision was made that I would try one more injection in a month’s time and if it doesn’t work the I’ll be going in for surgery number seven! It seems that the only way that they can stop the pain is to move the battery itself from my back into my abdomen.

I’m going to do a lot of praying in between that the pain will subside and that there will be no need at all for another surgery. My body is done with all the surgery and all I want to do at this point in time is heal. Although it’s been a while since the last surgery I can still feel the affects from what my body has had to go through. However that being said I will do what has to be done in order to keep winning the fight over my CRPS. I’ve been really tired as of late, and I’m not sure if it’s related to symptoms from my CRPS or if it’s due to the illness that my family and I are trying to get over.

Next week we will be into December and so I wanted to leave you with one more thought for Chronic Pain Awareness Month. While I was at my therapy today my therapist made me aware of a newspaper article that was written last week about a boy who had been suffering from chronic pain. The story was that all to familiar story about living a life in pain unable to find a way to make it stop. That was until last June when he couldn’t take the pain any more and he committed suicide. This was a young boy who should have had an entire lifetime ahead of him. While I was reading the article I couldn’t help but think of the pain that his family must feel now that he’s gone.

Reading that article I was reminded of just how much we need to do the research into dealing with the mysteries of chronic pain! If you know of someone dealing with pain don’t be so quick to dismiss what they are going through. The pain is real and can torment a person more than you think! Well I should try and relax a bit and try to get a little sleep so I’ll talk to everyone soon.