Finally This Crazy Weeks Over!!

Well it looks as though spring has finally arrived in my parts! Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to get up to 18 C ! For March that just isn’t the norm around here. We usually have snow on the ground until mid April, and we’ve even been known to get the odd snowstorm into early May if it’s a bad winter. So it will be time to soak up the sunshine and get out the camera over the weekend! The weather is suppose to stay warm all through the weekend, which means all our snow will probably all melt. It also means that I get a chance to shoot some pictures other than snowy winter scenes for a change.

Ok! Are you ready for the good news! As of today my all my licensing was completed and I can finally get my Etsy site set up and running. So there is a little bit of work to do but I’m closing in on the big launch date! I really do hope that some of you visit the site when it’s open and take a look at what I have to offer. It’s been a couple of weeks of headaches trying to sort through some of the paperwork to get things going but all of that is almost over. So my goal is to hopefully be up and running by the end of the weekend!!

As far as how I’m feeling, today hasn’t been the easiest of days as I’ve been having a bad day with pain in my neck from where they have placed the lead. It’s seems like as I try to turn my head from side to side it is very stiff and it’s really sore. I know that it’s from build up of scar tissue but I’m wondering just how stiff things are going to get and what exactly my limitations are going to be.

The pain level in my affected limbs remains moderate at the moment with the exception of every once in a while where it shoots up a bit. For the most part however it remains controlled. Things have been so busy as of late that I really haven’t had the chance to stop and think of what I’m going to post about this week. For tonight though I need to stop what I’m doing and take a time out for me. I’ll be adding pictures at some point over the weekend, until then I say have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Ross! I jumped over here from the Faithful Bloggers directory. I’m very glad I found your site. I’ve been suffering from illness for over 10 years. I just started my blog about it, hoping that I could reach out to people who are also suffering, inspire them and be inspired by them. Like you, I couldn’t do it without God.

    I look forward to reading more about your journey.

    Christine – In the Care of the Great Physician

  2. It will be great for you to get out with your camera. Photography is my mental & emotional therapy. It allows me to escape into a world of beauty and wonder and takes the focus off my circumstances. Sure, I can’t move like I used to (and should be able to) and I am often in pain with the walking & bending and restricted in what I do… but I try to lose myself in the moment of capturing God’s beauty. I works some of the time and gives me a sense of joy and achievement (even if the pain increases and remains).
    I am looking forward to seeing what you have captured over the weekend. Praying for you Ross.

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