I’m back tonight with a short post because the two videos I’m about to include are going to do most of the talking. As I mentioned in the previous post this last couple of months hasn’t been easy on me or the rest of the family, with all the surgeries I’ve had to go through.  As hard as things have been though there remains one constant through all of this and that’s God’s presence and ability to show up when needed!

I’ve been dealing with a pretty intense fight in regards to pain over the last several weeks, and to be quite honest it’s been wearing me down. Something though kept telling me to keep going and to stop listening to that little voice that kept chirping in my ear telling me that I can’t take any more! So last night I opened up my laptop to start writing this weeks post. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about, so I started looking at music and some video’s which I sometimes look towards to find inspiration. Then I came across this! Unfortunately the videos have been taken down so my apologies!

As I watched this I knew I had to post it. Such an amazing story about a girl who wasn’t suppose to live but was healed by God’s touch, and parents that found comfort in worship! After watching this I knew that God had been speaking right to me and once again He’s there to pick me up and give me the strength to keep going.