Hi Everyone! Well I’ve started to make a transition from this site to another. For the time being I will continue to write my blog here until I get my new site up and running. The site will have the same name it’s just that I have registered the domain to make it my own. This would be a great time for anyone that reads this blog to make some suggestions as to what you would like to see me put on my new site.

My pain at the moment hasn’t been great, as I’ve had some extra stress that is making it really hard to try to deal with things. It’s time for things to break! Just one tiny break would be nice. If there was ever a time that our family needed it, that time would be now! I’m doing all I can right now not to lose control at a time when the storm is out of control. There isn’t an easy way to explain what things feel like at the moment. As I mentioned in my last post my wife is going through her own health issues right now. She isn’t getting the answers she needs, and it seems like everyone that tries to help can’t help. Does that ring a bell with any of you out there trying to get help?

So how are we feeling? Well imagine yourself being on a ship all alone lost at sea, and your engines have failed. As you drift at sea your boat crosses paths with a dark storm that causes it to start rock and roll. Waves are crashing over the boat, and you struggle to hang on. It’s as if your calls of S.O.S. aren’t being answered, and there is no land for miles around you. Your scared and feel alone because there isn’t anyone to help. This might sound pretty extreme but the reality is that this is the way you feel when you aren’t receiving the help that you need. You don’t know which way to turn or who to talk to because every way you turn yields no answers.

At a time like this the amount of mental stress that a person undergoes is simply amazing! I wanted to illustrate the affect that mental stresses have and that they shouldn’t be ignored. However quite often they are ignored! So it’s up to us to deal with them as best we can. At the moment that’s what we are doing as a family. Doing the best that we can to get through the storm. When it feels like it will never end, don’t lose hope and know in your heart that it will come to an end. As a family we rely on God to give us the answers that we need and He is always there to save us!