Time For Change!

It’s a week into my recovery from my surgery and I’m still spending a lot of time laying flat on my back. Forget trying to sit as there’s still too much swelling, and I can only stand for so long. I’ve had a harder time dealing with all post operative things that have been going on with this surgery. Slowly I take baby steps towards getting better each day so there is positive in all of this!

So in the meantime I’ve been spending some time revamping certain aspects of my site I’ve done some work on different areas of the blog, and added a few things so take a look around. I’ll be adding more info on CRPS and new and interesting links to other sites associated with it. I’ve even taken the time to redo a new header for my site which I’d like some feedback on. Here in Saskatchewan we are known as ” TheLand Of The Living Skies”, so I decided to design myself this!

So I’m going to put it out there to everyone who reads my site and ask do you like header # 1! Or is it going to be header #2! There was something about #2 that did it for me. It seemed to be a little cleaner and I liked the idea that things were shorter on the bottom. The font seemed to be a little more to my liking as well.

Or is it going to be #3! If you ask me they are all excellent choices and I really can’t lose with any of them, however I am going to ask you the reader for your opinion on them. So stay tuned for more great changes as I tweak my site little by little. This year my focus is going to be on developing this site to give you more than just what happens in my day to day life.

My site is going to start taking on more of a look that reflects me and what I talk about in my posts. Soon I’ll have my Etsy shop up as well so you’ll be able to browse through that and maybe find that photo you’ve been looking for on that one wall! My main focus right now though is to heal! Thanks again for all your prayers! There is still a long road ahead for my healing but I’m headed the right way.

2 Replies to “Time For Change!”

  1. I think number two is the most aesthetically pleasing. Glad to hear you are on the mend! Still sending prayers your way 😀

  2. I like 2 I think though it was a tough decision between 2 and 3. I had no idea how many people live with chronic pain until my husband began to live that way so I know that you will be an encouragement to many! The blog is looking great! USer friendly, nice wide layout. Looks good! And good for you for continuing to pursue photography as a business. It took me 3 years to build up the confidence and portfolio for people to really start taking notice of my work. If you keep at it it will pay off I guarantee it! Good luck!

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