Today has been a pretty good day. Then again any day that I’m able to get up out of bed and not feel like I’ve been run over by a mac truck is a good day. I had the chance today to be on a radio show and talk about how CRPS effects not only my life but how it effects the entire families life. After the show today it left me thinking how lucky I am to have the family and friends around me that I do. If you want you can listen to the show on demand at her site. The link to the site is The air date for the show is Sept 14th. I would also encourage you to go to her other great site which I have listed under my blog roll. You will have to scroll down the list of shows until you find my episode.

On the show we touched a little on CRPS itself however my wife joined us and we really started talking about how this has affected our family. One of the conclusions that we came to was that not everything has to be bad. We started to list off all kinds of things that have happened that are good. It doesn’t have to be all bad that we focus on. Look for positive things that have happened from within a negative situation. The more I look at it the luckier I feel to have the family that I do.

As I sit here reflecting today on everything that has happened I feel encouraged by my family and friends and everything that they do for me to support me. It isn’t one person who’s fighting this fight it’s an entire army!! How often do you stop and look at who makes up your army? My army is lead by God who I thank every day for all that He does for me. I want to stop for a minute though and say “THANKS!” to my wife for all her love, support, and the prayers! Is there someone in your life that is supporting you in your fight? It’s important to think about everything that person does for you. What’s even more important though is to stop for a minute and think about how that person is dealing with things.

It would be very easy to become focused on myself as I go through this fight. However my wife and two kids are dealing with this as well, and I need to stay in touch with that. I need to make sure that I’m sensitive to how they are dealing with things, and what they need from me. It’s important to realize that everything that they are going through is just as important as everything that I am going through. So staying in communication with each other and how we are all doing is very important. I don’t always do a great job of it but I try, and there is always room to make it stronger. One thing I do know is that my wife and I are united in our fight to beat this.

This is a fight that we can’t fight alone and we depend on more than just ourselves to get through this. I would encourage anyone reading this to stop for a second and take the focus off yourself and look at the other people in your life that need you for support as well.