Well here I am again for part two of my post on thinking forward into your future. As I had talked about in my last post, I was saying that thinking into my future helps to motivate me to get better. There are so many things that I get excited about when I think about my future. The thing that I look forward to the most  however, is being able to tell this amazing story about how I overcame something that seemed so impossible to do at the time.

When your right in the middle of the storm, it seems next to impossible to be able to get through something of this magnitude. For me I draw strength from looking at the end, and being able to visualize how things will be when this all ends. With Gods help I am getting stronger and stronger and no matter what gets thrown at me, I am able to stand strong and ride each wave as it comes crashing down on me. Through the course of all this I’ve asked myself numerous times why something like this has happened to me. There was even a time when I went through periods of anger, because my future was looking good before all this happened. Then in an instant it was all taken away from me! Or was it?

What I didn’t see at the time was that God had different plans for my future. I’m still not quite sure what those plans are going to be however the one thing I do know, is that He’s going to use this experience that I’ve been going through as part of those plans. What a testimony to be able to tell people! As time goes by it’s one lesson after the next that I learn, and it’s these lessons that are helping me to shape and build me. You see what I didn’t understand at the time was that God’s plans for me were so much bigger than my plans could ever be.

I just need to trust that His plans are going to fall into place when they are suppose to. I don’t get angry anymore thinking about my future, because I know that He has something incredible in store for me. It’s all a matter of His timing and waiting for it all to unfold. You might be thinking to yourself as you read this, how can I get excited about my future not knowing what it is? It’s easy to get excited because I’ve experienced all kinds of amazing gifts from God already and I know that anything that He plans won’t be short of amazing!!

So do you ever think about your future? Or are you feeling lost, hopeless, or even angry?  Don’t for a minute think that because you suffer from a disability that your future can’t be bright. There may just have to be a few changes that take place in order to get there. In my case God has given me a vision to start writing this blog and to connect with others that are suffering from CRPS like myself. Down the road I don’t know what will happen, however I do have a vision that it will involve everything that I am going through at the present time.

I can really get a sense in my head as to what things are going to be like when this is all over. From that standpoint it really motivates me to do all I can to get better. It also helps a person to stay positive and upbeat and not to dwell on the negative.

One last thing before I go for today. In the next little while I am going to be making some changes to my site. I will be registering my domain and changing things a bit. I’ll be sure to add a link so you can get to me, as well as give you notice before I move. I have to figure out the changes first! Talk to everyone soon!