Today the phone rang first thing in the morning and it was the hospital booking my procedure for tomorrow. My post is going to be short today as I’m a little bit of a basket case trying to stay focused. I have that mix of nervous and excited running through my body at the moment.

If you don’t remember I’m having a nerve block done first thing in the morning, the first of three procedures if all goes well. I can’t believe that in 24hrs I may not have very much pain in my left leg. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated and let you know day by day what I am experiencing. I will be the third person at our rehab centre to have recieved this procedure and I’m hoping and praying for the same results, that is to be pain free!!

I couldn’t believe how quickly everything happened, and I almost dropped the phone when she said she wanted to book my appointment for the next day. It really doesn’t give you any time to think about it. The nice thing about all this is that I go straight from the hospital tomorrow to physio to start walking!!

Well I have to get a little sleep before the big day tomorrow. I’m going into this like anything else with a positive attitude. This could be the day that God changes everything. I will talk to everyone very soon, and I’ll keep everyone updated from start to finish!!