Happy Easter Everyone!! Well I figure while everyone else is out I would write my Easter post. I’m enjoying a long weekend out at the lake. This is a place where I can really relax because we aren’t running like chickens with our heads cut off. I find that its the one place where we can go, and I get the rest that I need. As I write this I stare out onto our lake and see the increadable landscape around us. There is something so peaceful about this. Its almost as if life around me stands almost still and for one moment I can almost forget about everything that’s going on.

Our cottage is the one place that I can escape to be around nothing but family. I don’t have to worry about all the doctors, the physio appointments, and all the other things that are constant reminders of what my life has now become. This is the place I like to say that I can come to and distress a bit. This weekend we will set up the kids Easter Egg hunt and just have great times with the family. As we got about half way out to the cottage I remembered that I forgot my earplugs that I use for family gatherings. My family does get loud however I use them because of the eight screaming kids that we have in the house at Easter supper.

So how many of you have kids that have figured out that the Easter bunny is really mom and dad? Yesterday my wife was driving my oldest daughter who’s six to school when she says to my wife ” the Easter bunny is really you and dad isn’t it mom “. Like that we were busted and there was no turning back. We keep asking ourselves how she made the connection. However there was my wife explaining to her that it was all a game. She knows now and it’s now a matter of her not telling her little sister. We let the kids know the true meaning of Easter as well because it’s important to us to let them know.

Oh well the egg hunt won’t be quite as much fun but just being together with our family will be enough for me. It also means that when we get together with the entire family that there will be lots of eating!!! By the end of the weekend I won’t want to see another piece of food. These are the times that I’m ever so thankful that I have family around. It makes dealing with all of this so much easier. If I didn’t have this incredible family around me, I wouldn’t know how to deal with everything.

I’m really hoping that if you are spending some time away with your family this weekend, that you really enjoy yourself and forget about all that your dealing with for just a moment. If we are consumed by our pain all the time then our nervous system never gets the chance to relax. If we take the time to put ourselves into a stress free environment then we give it that chance to relax.

I know that this weekend is going to be filled with fun, laughter, and happiness which are better than any medicine. So enjoy your Easter and I’ll be writing my next post after the weekend.


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