Taking Back From CRPS!!

Today has been a great day, and for a change I can honestly say that I feel as though for a change I have the upper hand on my CRPS. Why has it been a great day do you ask? Well it isn’t because of pain because my pain is still there and it never fails to remind me. However it’s because I took the steps today to take back something that was very important to me before all of this happened. Let me fill you in! I have always really liked the hobby of photography, and got a great sense of fulfillment from the pictures that I took. Then when I was diagnosed with my CRPS that all changed.

When I lost the use of my hand I couldn’t operate my camera. As a result I figured that something that meant so much to me was gone for good. I’ve really struggled with this because I’ve tried to find something to replace it, and I just can’t seem to find anything that has the same level of passion that photography holds for me. I have been finding that I keep referring myself back to photography. It’s one of those hobbies that I have a natural ability for. It isn’t that I didn’t want to learn something new because that isn’t it at all. Something from inside keeps telling me to keep trying to get back into it. You can’t tell me that God hasn’t been playing an active roll in all of this because I know He has! So the other day I decided to do some research and see if there was the possibility of adapting my camera, to be enable me to use it with one hand.

When I took the time to call a local photography shop I got someone who really wanted to listen. He spent time asking me questions, which  threw me for a loop. Then he took the time to find out about my disability and what I needed to be able to make this work. Not only was I impressed with the level of customer service, but I was also impressed by his interest in seeing me succeed and be able to get back into my hobby. After speaking with him for a while he was able to recommend a camera that I can use with one hand. All the buttons are on the right side, and I will be able to control all the cameras functions off the one side.  I was ready to start doing a happy dance over the phone! When he made the recommendation he didn’t stop there. He was able to suggest products that I could use, that would make things easier for me when taking pictures. Then when all was said and done, he recommended a photography group for people with disabilities.  

You see this was more than a person doing their job and wanting to sell a product. I mean yes he had a job to do, and he knew his products and how to sell. What I saw though, was a person who really wanted to help me take back something that means so much to me. I used to work retail and so I know the difference between someone who’s doing their job, and then someone who has a real interest in the person they are selling to. So once we put together all the things I’ll need I’ll be back out there taking pictures!! Of course I still have to deal with my CRPS but even more important is that I’m not letting it stop me from doing the things I love!  So my suggestion is to never give up because there is always a way to overcome!

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About Ross

My name is Ross and I want to welcome you to my site. I'm married to an amazing woman who is my best friend, and my soul mate all rolled up into one! I am the father of two very special girls who we adopted from China & Ethiopia. Together we make up one very multicultural family! In 2006 my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. It was the start of a journey I never could have expected, and one that I couldn't fight without God. CRPS is a chronic pain disease and it started in my left hand. I lost mobility of my hand and started to experience pain unlike I ever could have imagined. Not to long after my left ankle became affected. I spent the better half of about a year and a half not knowing what was going on in my body and traveling from doctor to doctor to find a diagnosis. As time went by I started learning more about CRPS and all its symptoms that it brings with it! As I started to learn more about CRPS I felt the growing need to share the information I was learning with others and to raise more awareness. As well I want this to be a place where we can connect and support one another. So I would encourage you to contact me if you want.

7 Responses to Taking Back From CRPS!!

  1. Absolutely! I walked around snapping pictures today and watched my sweet husband doing the bulk of OUR work. I was able to give him a haircut and make a nice salad. The pain fight is sometimes more physical and sometimes more mental but like you said, IT IS ALWAYS THERE. I think if we can find joy it makes it so much better.

  2. PS Your absolutely right about the salesperson at the camera store. Give them praise to their employer and to that person. That was something I loved about working, I tried to go the extra mile the majority of the time. I miss working.

  3. bettyl says:

    What an awesome post–it makes me want to do the ‘happy dance’ with you!! I’m glad to know that you know God always has His hand on our lives.

  4. bettyl says:

    You asked me what kind of camera I use–it’s a fujifilm s5700. Incidentally, all the controls are on the right! I noticed because I’m left handed!

  5. Kerry-Ann says:

    I’m so happy to read this post. Congrats on getting started with your hobby. Glad you got great guidance from the salesman. You have such an amazing spirit. Have a blessed week. 🙂

  6. What a difference people like this make to our days and lives. I’m so glad that God led you to this very person. I’ve only read a little from your blog but you seem to have a beautiful testimony!

  7. Lesley says:

    So wonderful to hear there are still some great CSRs out there!

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