It’s been a busy few days for me but I managed to make time for this special post. You see the other day I received my first blog award so I’d like to……..


thank Tales of a Hockey Wife for awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award. It’s a great feeling to know that the writing that you are doing is being enjoyed and reaching people the way that you want it to. I want to personally thank  Tales of a Hockey Wife for this award. I’m having a few problems right now linking things so I would ask people to check out the great site she has at .

So with this award come some rules that you are suppose to follow. I’ll try my best to follow them. First off your suppose to give your readers random facts about yourself. Second rule is to pass the award on to other blogs that you think deserve the award. So I have chosen five such blogs that I think deserve this award! As I post each site I will list a random piece of information about myself. So the first person that I have chosen to pass on The Versatile Blogger Award is to…….  

 Four Plus an Angel  

Fact # 1

I walked on the Great Wall of China when I traveled to China to adopt my first daugther. When I think about it it still gives me chills thinking about the 8th wonder of the world being made by hand. What was even more amazing was watching the women walking it in their high heels!! In some areas it was very steep and very uneven how they could walk it in those shoes I don’t know!!!

Award # 2 goes to…………….

Susi’s ramblings

Fact # 2

I have three sisters and growing up they like to every so often tease me an torment me like happens in all families. However on this one particular day they decided to take things to another level. I have to admit to everyone that “yes” I’ve eaten dog bisquets!! We had a laundry shute in our house so they shut me in the closet one day and went upstairs and spoke to me through the laundry shute. They wouldn’t let me out until I ate the bisquets.

Award # 3 goes to ……………  

Ireland ever after

Fact # 3 

My grandfather played on the very first hockey team called the Vancouver Millionaires. Even though I never got the chance to meet him I remember the stories that my dad would tell me about him.

Award # 4   goes to ………..

Party of five

Fact # 4 

Ok everyone has that one item of food that they like to eat that’s a little out of the ordinary. When I was a teanager I used to like eating crackers with mustard on them. I don’t know what it was about them but they tasted so good in my mind!!!

Award # 5 goes to……..

My Reflection of Something

Fact # 5

I have a reputation in my family to be able to eat food. When I was younger I was known as the “garbarator” in the family. One summer out at our families cottage I put that name to the test. We were having a barbeque with the family and cousins and lets just say the food was good. I managed to finish off five hamburgers and 4 hot dogs!! I don’t ever think I’ll be able to live that down!!!! Congrats to each of you!!

Well that’s it for today b