A couple of weeks ago I was checking out a few new blogs and came across a new one that I couldn’t help but notice! Over at  Cup’ a Hot Chocolate Krystina and her friends at Chickadette and Fly Far. Fly Free have started a new link up called Wish ! { Out Loud } . Right away I jumped at the chance to link up to this because it’s a great chance to not only meet other bloggers but to maybe even see a few people’s wishes come true. Of course it also means that I get the chance to post my own wish!

I have a few wishes that I would really like to come true. Besides the most odvious in that I would like for a cure to be found for CRPS, the second one that is high on my list is as follows:


*I would like to open my own Etsy shop for my photography within the next couple of months*.


So if any of you have anyone can help me with an type of info on how to make this happen then let me know. If you have any tips on the best ways to set this up, or even your experiences to help me in setting up it would be greatly appreciated! So check out the link below and join us in posting your wish!