I’m Having A Tough Day!

First of all I have to apologize to everyone for the length of time between post. I’ve been trying for a few days to put this together but it’s been busy and I haven’t been feeling my best as of late. It was a busy week and because of that I’m sure that’s why I’m not feeling as good. My pain as well as some of the other symptoms have been worse and so I’ve needed to slow things down a bit. The last few days the pain at the various surgery sites where the surgery had been done has been bothering me, so that has probably set things off as well.

I don’t know why but for one reason or another this post has been really difficult to put together. One of the reasons is that I’ve been very foggy in the head the last few days and it makes things a lot more difficult to put together. It’s the reality of this disease though and I’m not prepared to let it slow me down and stop me from overcoming CRPS. Without a doubt the implants have helped no question! However they aren’t a cure and I’m still going to have days where I find it hard, and today is one of those days.

I’m having a hard time with my concentration today and trying to put together a sentence. However I’m bound and determined not to let this disease defeat me. This is where I dig in my feet and fight even more so that I can win this battle. According to the word of God I have already won this battle and so I find strength in those words. I have come too far and taken back too much to be defeated now.

The message is pretty simple today, and so I’m telling you I’m having a tough day. We live with a disease that sees us up one day and down the next. I’ve made a choice in all of this not to stay down and defeated but to rise up against all of this and show you that it can be beat. You need to know that that none of this would be possible without having God do all the work that He’s done in my life. Tough days are going to happen along the way on your journey as well, and you have to soldier through them and then start moving forward again. I look forward to the day that I can write that one post that says I have no pain, and that I have full use of my limbs again!

It’s Launch Day!!!

Hi everyone! Well after many delays and numerous posts pushing off my official launch of my Etsy site that day has finally arrived! On Friday I got my red seal of approval and the final pieces came together and I am officially launchingĀ  Ross McCreery Photography on Etsy. Yes! I won’t tell a lie! For me this has been a lot of work to put together but it’s all been worth it. Visit my store through the link that I’ve provided above or on the sidebar of my blog where I’ve added a button for you to link to my site. Over the next week I’ll be adding a lot more pictures to the store so if you don’t see something you like then come back when I’ve added more.

It was a crazy week last week with sick kids all week. Who are are still trying to get better by the way! Along with that there were doctors appointments, physiotherapy, errands to do, and all the usual things to do around the house. No wonder things have been a little bit off with my body. The funny thing though is that it really wasn’t a week that was all that far from the norm. This week we’ll start making preparations for our trip which is only two weeks away. It’s getting harder with each day not to blow it and tell the kids that we’re taking them to Disneyland!

I also plan to slow things down a bit this week because I’m pushing my body pretty hard, probably a little harder than I should at this stage of recovery. Although I’m feeling good and my pain is under control, other symptoms are starting to really effect me. Not to mention that the pain is starting to creep up. Honestly this has to be one of the hardest things when it comes to dealing with the after effects of the surgery. It’s easy to think that because some of your pain is reduced that you can do a whole lot more. Well I’m finding out quickly that there is a definite line, and you have to be careful about just how far you cross it.

For today I’m keeping things short and sweet. I know this isn’t much of a post, just a quick update! It’s gearing up to be another busy week, and I want to pace myself through all of it. I hope the start to your week is great and I’ll see everyone soon!


Sickness Must Go!!

Well it’s been an interesting week so far and it all started on the weekend. Over the last two weeks both of my daughters have been fighting illnesses. My youngest daughter was fighting a cold last week that just didn’t want to clear up and go away. As the week went on things just kept getting worse until we ended up in Emerg on Saturday. I pretty much spent the entire day trying to get the poor little bug some help to make her feel better! So she ended up being put on antibiotics to try and make things better, however three days later and things still weren’t changing.

So on Monday in we went again to her pediatrician to see what other things we could do in helping her to get better. Now she is on a nebulizer to try and open up her lungs and stop her coughing. It seems like over the last couple of weeks all we’ve been dealing with in our house is sickness, and it’s time to see the household get healthy again. Over the last 24hrs though she seems to be improving. In dealing with my girls though my body is being pushed to the limit at the moment, and I need to slow things down a bit before things get out of control.

With all of the focus at the moment going my kids and them getting better its been hard to find the time and energy to blog, and at the same time trying to put the last few finishing touches on my Etsy shop to get it open. So needless to say I never got out to take any pictures last weekend!! I am hopeful however that this weekend coming up will provide me with a chance to get out there and get a few pictures. Yet trying to find the time to break away isn’t easy because so many other things are taking priority at this time.

The one thing that I know is that there is never a dull moment in our family! My two girls mean the world to me. They are the most precious gift God has ever given me along with my wife. Even though it may not be a whole lot of fun to deal with the illness and all that comes with it, they need that comforting and caring that only their parent can provide. There is something so special about being able to curl up with your child and watch a movie or read a book with them when they’re sick. The other night my youngest daughter Katelyn ask me to be her stuffy to hold onto while we watched a movie before bedtime. I wrapped my arms around her and just like when she was six months old she fell asleep during the movie. These are my priorities! So when things get back to normal I’ll be able to get back to routine. I’ll talk to everyone soon.







Finally This Crazy Weeks Over!!

Well it looks as though spring has finally arrived in my parts! Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to get up to 18 C ! For March that just isn’t the norm around here. We usually have snow on the ground until mid April, and we’ve even been known to get the odd snowstorm into early May if it’s a bad winter. So it will be time to soak up the sunshine and get out the camera over the weekend! The weather is suppose to stay warm all through the weekend, which means all our snow will probably all melt. It also means that I get a chance to shoot some pictures other than snowy winter scenes for a change.

Ok! Are you ready for the good news! As of today my all my licensing was completed and I can finally get my Etsy site set up and running. So there is a little bit of work to do but I’m closing in on the big launch date! I really do hope that some of you visit the site when it’s open and take a look at what I have to offer. It’s been a couple of weeks of headaches trying to sort through some of the paperwork to get things going but all of that is almost over. So my goal is to hopefully be up and running by the end of the weekend!!

As far as how I’m feeling, today hasn’t been the easiest of days as I’ve been having a bad day with pain in my neck from where they have placed the lead. It’s seems like as I try to turn my head from side to side it is very stiff and it’s really sore. I know that it’s from build up of scar tissue but I’m wondering just how stiff things are going to get and what exactly my limitations are going to be.

The pain level in my affected limbs remains moderate at the moment with the exception of every once in a while where it shoots up a bit. For the most part however it remains controlled. Things have been so busy as of late that I really haven’t had the chance to stop and think of what I’m going to post about this week. For tonight though I need to stop what I’m doing and take a time out for me. I’ll be adding pictures at some point over the weekend, until then I say have a great weekend!


Pain Won’t Make My Decisions!!


Sorry it’s been such a long stretch between posts but things have been busy and there hasn’t been a lot of time to write a new post. In making up for that here are a few more from my “frosty morning” series! I’ve been dealing with a few more symptoms as of late from my CRPS but the implants are doing the job they are suppose to do in minimizing the pain that can be caused as a result of those other symptoms. I’m on a real learning curve at the moment figuring out what I can and can’t do. There are days where I am still reminded that I can only go so far, my body letting me know that the pain is still there but controlled to a certain point.

In this last month after all my surgery I have seen an increase in my mobility. I’m receiving from around 50% to 60% pain relief in my affected leg, and about 30% to 40% relief in my affected hand and arm. Clearly things aren’t perfect but I’ll take the results that I’m getting! I could be receiving no relief at all so I’m very happy with where things are at for the moment. If you were to ask me where I’m seeing the biggest results I would have to say that it’s in my ability to walk better than before. I’m able to go further with less pain and don’t have to use my cane. I am only able to push so hard before my body says enough!



The pain for the most part is better controlled but I still have flare ups that can slow me down. In my opinion the implants are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing at the moment in giving me a better quality of life. There are still certain symptoms from the surgery that are affecting me however for the most part they are very minor and aren’t bothering me like they were before.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to deal with getting my Etsy shop set up and I wasn’t expecting to have to do so much waiting to get the site up and running. I’m still waiting for my business license to come through before I can get things going which I’m now being told could be 2 to 4 weeks. So frustrating!! In the meantime however I’m moving forward with different plans that I have for my business and getting things set up. Last week a huge opportunity was dropped in my lap in being able to take part in this years Cathedral Arts Festival with a friend. The festival happens every year and is a very big event in our city. So I only have a few months to prepare about twenty to thirty photos for the event, where my photos will be showcased!

I’m trying to keep how much I do under control and not push things to hard, however I’m still reminded that I need to recover from the surgery as well as manage my CRPS. On Wednesday I meet with a local organization SILC that helps people with disabilities in starting up their businesses. So they will help me in drawing up my business plan and inĀ  dealing with various aspects of the business. As you can tell I’m not got to let my disability stop me from doing what I want to do. It’s about taking baby steps in getting to where I want to go, and I’m not about to let something called CRPS stand in my way!