Post Op Ceck-In!

Here’s to hoping that all of you out there are having a great week! I know mine has been busy because my kids have been off school for the week. So it been a week filled with lots of family time. I’ve also been very busy putting all of the final details together for my Etsy shop, and slowly working towards my opening. As I told everyone here I was hoping that I would open it this week but as I work on the details I keep finding other things I need to work on before I can launch. So I hope you can be patient because I’m really hopeful that your going to like what you see. So here’s another from my recent winter series I last posted.

This week I haven’t been having an easy time as I continue to deal with a few issues from the surgery. Mix in sleeping issues and it makes for a bad mix! With my sleep not being very good at night due to my CRPS, I’ve always had a tough time with the morning and waking up. It seems that just as my body wants to relax and shut down it’s time to wake up and get going for the day. This week with the added pain from my surgeries flaring up, it has made getting any sleep that much more difficult. Finding energy then during the day becomes difficult, but you find a way to get that second wind and push through. The surgery last month has taken a lot out of my body, and so I’ve found it hard to run at the same energy level.

In about another week I see the neurosurgeon and we will assess how things are going. A good report from him is what I’m looking for  The pain caused by the CRPS seems to be under control for the most part which is really great news! I’ve had a few minor flare ups but they seem to be fairly well controlled by the electrical stimulation.

On Saturday I decided to really put my implants to the test. I was walking to my bedroom and turned the corner through the door a little to tight. As I did this I stubbed my toes on my bad foot! Now if you’ve stubbed your toes on something I’m sure you know the intense pain it causes, well add chronic pain into the mix and it’s something completely different! After saying a few choice words to myself I got on with my day. It wasn’t until I got into the shower the next day that I realized that I had a small problem. I looked at my toes on my left foot and they were dark purple! To make a long story short I had x-rays done and I’ve broken the toes! So it’s added to my pain needless to say.

Overall though I slowly continue to get better with each week. Although I feel at times that I’m being tested my confidence is at an all time high, and for that I know God is responsible. Since the surgery the stress level has come down and that makes it easier for my brain to handle things. With this week being the exception this has also been another big answer to prayer because if the stress level stays down then it means a lot less fuzziness in the head and less headaches, leading to a much clearer thought process.

It’s been a very slow process and I knew it would be, as well as knowing that there were going to be setbacks along the way. However I’ve been asked many times now by many people if it was all worth it. Even though there is still a lot of healing to do the results so far have made it all worthwhile. I couldn’t get through any of this though without God being right there beside me helping every step of the way!




A Frosty Morning!

Today has been a day filled with all kinds of intense pain. In an attempt to try and divert attention away from the pain I decided that I’d do some editing of some pictures I took the other day. In my part of the world during the winter there is nothing better than the horror frost we get on the trees. This winter however I haven’t seen all that much, so the opportunities haven’t been there to take pictures. So when I woke up to this I made a break to snap a few pictures. There was a lot of fog along with so the conditions weren’t as perfect as I’d have liked them to be.It was one of those days where everywhere I turned I saw the perfect picture in front of my eyes.

I’ve been waiting very patiently to get some winter pictures this year, but that’s been next to impossible because winter just hasn’t arrived! So when this arrived my mind started going crazy thinking of the possibilities.

What do I like about winter? Your answer is right here in these pictures! The horror frost transforms things into a winter wonderland.

I could have kept going the entire day except for the fact that the frost started to fall off the trees. After a while it got frustrating because every time I’d go to take a picture melting frost would fall off the tree limbs and go down my neck. I’m just happy that I felt good enough to go out and spend some time doing what I love to do!

I don’t have a lot to say about my health today because I refuse to let pain control my life. This is one of those rare days that I just want to focus on something other than CRPS. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

An Eagle’s Tree!

Today I’m posting some pictures that I had posted a couple of months back. The eagle is just one of those birds that you never get tired of looking at. These pictures were taken off our front lawn at our cottage on Vancouver Island. In some ways this is almost like a mini memorial because this year the tree that they were sitting in was taken down in a wind storm that hit.

I will always have all these amazing memories of sitting outside on our deck listening to them sit high above in this tree calling each other.You never had to go far to get a photo and we would watch them flying up and down the beach and out into the ocean to hunt for fish.

You really don’t appreciate how amazing they really are until you’ve watched them up close to see the power that they have. When I caught these two eagle on this particular day they were particularly vocal. There was a dead salmon on the beach that they kept diving after, so it was back and forth from the tree to the beach.

The unfortunate part was that I was only armed with a short lens so I had to do the best I could with what I had. They are such a powerful bird yet when you watch them they really do seem so graceful in the sky. I consider myself quite lucky to be able to watch them off my deck as they patrol the beach.

We’ve had many years of being able to sit on that deck with your morning coffee listening to nature at it’s best and so the tree that was right next door will be missed. It’s not the end of the eagles in the area because they have several nests up and down the beach, but it’s the end of a very special part of what makes our cottage so inviting! So I hope you enjoy some of the photos that I got.

What’s New!

Well I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! It’s been a few extra days and I’m sorry about that. I’ve had a few hard days mixed in with a few days where time just didn’t allow for me to update. The great news is that after six weeks I’m able to drive again! So it’s back to being the shuttle to and from school for the kids. I’m still having problems sitting but I’m hopeful that over time that will go. I’m due in the next week or two for my follow up with the neurosurgeon and at the implant clinic where I’ll talk to them about the issues that I’m still having. Overall though slowly things are getting better!

So in today’s post I’ve just decided that today just has to be one of those days that I just don’t talk all that much about my health. In my last post I had let you know that I was hoping that this week would be the launch of my new Etsy shop that will be selling my photography. I’m still hoping that it will happen later this week, but I’m having trouble getting a couple of things into place. I’m hoping this will happen in the next day or two but if it doesn’t then next week will be the opening. So keep checking back because it’s going to be a great addition to my site. I hope people like what they see in the shop! I was looking through my pictures in archives today and came up with a few to post so here you go.

Another first that will be happening on my site is that I will be hosting my first ever giveaway. I don’t often do giveaway’s here but I thought that it was about time that I did a little something for all of you. So I will be giving away a free copy of “My Memory Suite” a digital scrap-booking software by My Memories. If you want to check out their site ahead of time please go to their site at and take a look at all of the great things they have. So stay tuned for details on that as I’ll be posting the ways that you can enter.

A couple of posts back I had mentioned that I thought it would be a great idea to start something called Testimony Tuesday. Well I would really like to start something like this but I don’t have anybody’s stories as of yet. I know that this is a very personal thing that I’m asking of people, but it only has to be as personal as you want it to be. I still think that when we are open that it helps us come together, helping us to relate to one another. Are you suffering from Chronic Pain? Do you have a story that you want to share with others to encourage? I’ll throw it out there and ask anyone who wants to get involved to contact me via my site email and I’ll fill you in on the details. See everyone next time!

Climbing My Everest Pt#3

Happy weekend everyone! What plans do you have for the weekend? I’m hoping myself to finally spend some time out of the house!! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out and play with the camera so that is definitely going to figure into the weekend in some way! I want to start incorporating more of my photography into this site. As I’ve mentioned on a few occasions I’m in the planning stages of my Etsy shop and I’m almost ready to launch. I’m just finishing up a few details and hopefully by next week it will be time to launch it!

So over the last month I’ve put up a couple of posts called Climbing My Everest  & Climbing My Everest #2. I really had no intentions of a third part but then I started thinking about what I was going to post on today, I thought to myself that I had to make this the third in the series. This week has been filled with all sorts of ups and downs as far as how I have been feeling. There have been days where I have felt ready to push for the top of the mountain, and other days where I feel as though it’s been obstacle after obstacle that sideline my efforts.

When your climbing a mountain like Everest you have to be prepared for any type of weather condition and be ready for any type of a situation that you might face. Your going to come up against some sections that are steep and require a little bit more from you mentally and physically, and others that are easier and require less effort. It means adapting and being prepared for things to take unexpected turns. Dealing with CRPS works in the same way, you always need to be prepared for the unexpected. You need to be able to adapt to a given situation, and remain confident that you can get yourself through it. That’s what it’s been like this week, just when I think I’m on my way to the top I hit a section in my climb that challenges me and takes more effort.

In a climb like this you have to expect that there are going to be times where you stare adversity in the face. What you do is up to you! You can either give up and turn back down the mountain, or you can overcome each obstacle as you climb. You also have to expect that sometimes things are going to take a bit longer than you had expected. If you stay positive and take on each stage as you get to it, slowly but surely you work your way to the top. You push on taking one step at a time putting one foot in front of the other. You going to have times where you tell yourself that you can’t take any more, but you can do it if you believe in yourself!