Facing Judgment

The last couple of days things have been getting a little bit better. I’m still having a tough time getting over the surgery but it’s baby steps every day. I feel beat up and tired most of the time and I’m just trying to push through all of it. It’s like I’ve been running the iron man marathon and I’m longing to get to the finish line. It doesn’t help that I’ve also had two major surgeries in about three months. My body has had enough and it’s in need of healing! Like a Timex watch however I’ll keep ticking and nothing can stop me!

My goal today is to finish this post because it’s already been two days in the making and I just have to get this done. The past couple of days has been kind of crazy because work is finally being done to try and complete our basement. It’s been four months with no basement and do I ever miss it! The truck came in yesterday to pour the floor, and sometime in the next week hopefully the building will start after the concrete has had a few days to set. Over the last couple of days as things melt I’ve also felt the need to get into the garage and do a little spring cleaning, but most of that will have to wait until I feel more up to it.

As spring for most parts of our country is in full swing we are just getting rid of all our snow, and I can hardly wait to get out and start shooting pictures. It’s been a really rough winter in our parts and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going a little stir crazy from being inside so much. Things are now starting to melt quickly but winter made yet another appearance on Monday bringing with it 5 – 10 cm of snow. It did melt rather quickly which was nice. The biggest concern at this point in time is the concern over flooding. The watershed authority has forecast our city right in the middle of where some of the worst flooding is suppose to occur. Up until yesterday things looked to be in pretty good shape but over night the sandbags have gone up in the areas of concern and the water is rising in areas. We’ll see over the next few days how things turn out.

Today I wanted post about something that bothers me when it comes to dealing with my disability. It has to do with the issue of handicap parking. I’ve posted about this once before but the comment I got from someone the other day really annoyed me and I felt the need to post about it again. As I parked in a handicap spot the other day a person came up to me and said “you don’t need handicap parking your just abusing its real purpose”. His comments took me by surprise and I thought it was kind of obvious by looking at me that I had a disability.  It took every ounce of energy from within and a whole lot of grace not to lose it! I felt like educating him with a few words of wisdom of what I’ve been dealing with over the last seven years. Having to walk the extra distance from the back of a parking  makes a big difference in my pain. If I can shorten the distance I walk then I last for a longer period of time. I have problems with my walking and the last time I checked that was one of the reasons we have handicapped parking at stores. Or maybe for the person “like me” who only has the use of one hand and has trouble carrying and loading his groceries!

Once again I was forced to defend my disability which has so often been the case over the years. This person doesn’t know me and yet feels the need to be my doctor and diagnose my illness. These types of judgements happen way to often and make the people dealing with their disability feel bad. Those of us with disabilities didn’t choose for these things to happen to us and are coping the best we can, and people passing judgement only makes things worse. I briefly informed him that I had every right to be parked where I was.

So that’s my rant for today! Sorry but I think the occasional rant is ok. It’s the reality of what I face on a day to day basis and think it’s important to share. I usually write posts that are positive but this is just one of those times where I need to bring across some of the negative things I face in dealing with all of this. Have a great weekend!





3 Replies to “Facing Judgment”

  1. Some people can be so cruel. I am so sorry that happened to you, Ross.

    On a brighter note, I am thrilled that spring has arrived for you. I DO know what you mean about the cabin fever “thing.” Spring took a very long time getting here also.

    I wish you a happy week.

  2. oh my goodness you don’t even want to know how quickly I got angry when I read that someone had the gall to say that to you. It makes me sad that so many people take the extra time just to be mean and without any actually knowledge. Just because they see you walking doesn’t mean they know a lick about you. We have to actually know the facts before we can understand a situation fully. Sorry you had to experience that and for the record your rants are so mild (even if they weren’t I’d enjoy them!) and are also encouraging! I enjoy hearing about other people’s bumps along the road and how they work through them. Helps me feel a little more normal:). I will take this in though as another reminder that I too need to be slower to pass any judgement on a person when I really have no clue what is going on in their life. God would want us to know the heart of a person!

  3. Rant as much as you need to! I am so very sorry that you got that comment from someone. I have learned a long time ago that I don’t know what goes on “behind the scenes” with anyone, and I better stop before I judge. I have also learned that many people with heart problems or other health issues that may not be visible have handicap parking….and it’s no one’s business to ever make such comments. So sorry friend!

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